LOC Launches RFP for Roof Repairs At The Student Center (Addendum)

LOC Launches RFP for Roof Repairs At The Student Center


The following RFP is being presented to acquire proposals for roof repairs on top of the LeMoyne-Owen Student Center at 807 Walker in Memphis, Tennessee.

The renovation work will include, but may not be limited to, the following:
1. Removal of all metal roofing and existing TPO roofing.
2. The metal is to be placed on-site once removed; all other debris will be hauled away.
3. New Fleece back 115 Mil TPO roofing membrane adhered to light-weight concrete. Requesting
white-colored TPO from a reputable manufacturer such as Carlisle or GAF.
4. TPO flashed up and over parapet walls. Existing flat lock areas to receive insulation and new TPO
membrane roofing.
5. New retrofit drains installed in existing locations. Manufacturer’s warranty provided upon
6. Sloped areas decking to be replaced if needed at additional cost if rotten or if uncoverable
decking is found. Pictures to be provided.
7. Once metal is removed from sloped roofs, new synthetic underlayment is to be placed over
decking. Ice and water shield to be placed at eaves of sloped roofs.
8. New architectural shingles installed per manufacturer’s specifications on all sloped areas.
9. Existing internal gutters to be lined in TPO membrane.
10. All metal counter flashings replaced include copings, counter flashings and drip edges.

(Addendum 03.06.23)RFP LOC Roof Repairs at the Student Center

RFP LOC Roof Repairs at the Student Center