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“I came to Memphis from New Orleans. It was a traumatic time. LeMoyne-Owen saved my life…. I had been a student before, but at LeMoyne-Owen I became a scholar…. they took the light that was within me, and helped me manifest it.”

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Academic Affairs
Mailing Address
Lemoyne-Owen College
807 Walker Avenue
Memphis, Tn 38126

Telephone/ Email Contact
Office: 901-435-1200
Fax: 901-435-1223

We appreciate that our students are not all the same and have different needs and expectations. We provide each student individualized, one-on-one attention with tailored resources to meet them where they are. Our students come from diverse walks of life, including those who are:

  • Educationally advanced, entering prepared to thrive as scholars
  • Older, non-traditional students and attending the College part-time
  • First-generation students, in need of a more supportive campus environment

The College provides a liberal arts core curriculum which equips our students with important skills for the business world, including communications and critical thinking.  Students are grounded in culture and are imparted with an understanding of other local and world cultures.

We have enrichment opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. For students who desire leadership training, there are opportunities to lead and participate in a variety of student activities. For those who prefer academic rigor, we offer the Du Bois Scholars program.  Students may also avail themselves of honors competitions, research fairs, business conferences and similar events.

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Division of Business and Economic Development

Division of Natural & Mathematical Sciences Summer 1 Classes

Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences 

•Division of Fine Arts and Humanities

Academic Divisions

Academic Divisions

The undergraduate program at LeMoyne-Owen is carried out through five academic divisions: Business and Economic Development, Education, Fine Arts and Humanities, Natural and Mathematical Sciences and Accelerated Studies.
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Academic Spolights

Academic Policies & Procedures

Learn about LeMoyne-Owen's Academic Policies & Procedures. Everything you need to know about course load, Class and Advanced Standing Credits, Credits for Prior Learning, and the grading system at LeMoyne Owen College.
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