LOC Launches RFP for Comprehensive IT Health Assessment (Addendum)

LOC Launches RFP for Comprehensive IT Health Assessment (Addendum)

The following RFP is being presented to acquire proposals for renovations needed at the house owned by LeMoyne-Owen Student Center at 807 Walker in Memphis, Tennessee.

The OIT Assessment work will include, but may not be limited to, the following:
1. Comprehensive IT Health Assessment Report to include but not limited to
the following focus Areas:
a. Network infrastructure and design.
b. Telephony Systems.
c. Application review.
d. Information security analysis (includes IP based cameras).
e. IT Operations and Staff analysis.
2. Assessment and recommendations against 21st century technology learning,
as well as standards and Technology Best practices.
3. SWOT Analysis for Design, Infrastructure, Security, and Operations.
4. Analyze internal controls and identify vulnerabilities and threats.
5. Identify, index, catalog and create information technology assets
6. Detailed IT Environment Documentation.
7. Perform IT GAP Analysis based on present infrastructure standards and best


(Addendum 03.06.23 )RFP LOC Comprehensive IT Assessment

RFP LOC Comprehensive IT Assessment