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We are building a strategic roadmap, with a focus on excellence, which reaffirms the future of LeMoyne-Owen College for generations to come. We believe excellence will result from strategic, institutionally beneficial goals also being innovative, intentional, and sustainable. LeMoyne-Owen is poised for growth, success, and economic impact; and now, more than ever, we are prepared to embrace our future.

Institutional Focus

LeMoyne-Owen College is pursuing excellence across six areas:
  • Recruiting and retaining faculty to develop and grow strong academic programs
  • Maximizing enrollment while balancing career preparation with maintaining the benefits of a small liberal arts college
  • Retaining first-year, first-time students from the fall of their first year to the fall of their second year
  • Maximizing graduation rates
  • Ensuring the best post-graduation placements for our students in graduate school or careers
  • Growing our endowment by building a vibrant culture of gratitude and giving among our students and alumni and by engaging a wider audience in our mission by communicating our value to the Greater Memphis region