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LOC president recognized as a "Super Woman in Business"

LOC president named a Super Woman in Business

Dr. Andrea Lewis Miller was honor by the Memphis Business Journal on Sept. 21 as one of city’s most influential women in business and their super powers with the Seventh Annual Super Women in Business Awards.


The program honored 25 women across different industries who are actively engaged in community reinvestment and who have achieved success through leadership in business.


Here is the newspaper’s interview with Dr. Miller:



LeMoyne-Owen's Super Woman: 'Get out of your own way





What advice do you wish someone had given you when you started your career? Get out of your own way. That's what I'm learning to do more and more. It's not just bringing change to my campus through courageous leadership or taking measured risks, but sometimes it requires one to let processes flow, efforts move or change manifest without your direct intervention.

Biggest mentor: My mom. She left me with so much wisdom about how to handle life, how to avoid sweating the small things, how to live courageously — believe in the impossible — and how to use discernment in my work.

What professional achievement are you most proud of? Merging institutions, getting an organization new membership with an accrediting group and my work at LeMoyne-Owen College, which includes growing the enrollments and endowment.

What is your next big professional goal? Apart from achieving the six institutional objectives of LeMoyne-Owen College — including increasing graduation rates, developing faculty and academic programs and increasing the endowment — my next big professional goal is retirement.

What super power would best equip someone entering into your profession today? Emotional intelligence. You will work with all different types of personalities, perspectives and approaches. You can't treat them the same and you must strive to always keep a level head.


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