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I, __________________, do solemnly promise, to become a true collegian at The LeMoyne-Owen College.

I promise to devote myself, to the serious pursuit of knowledge and truth, in order that I may become a contributing member, of my community and the society in which I live.

I will strive to manage my time, to develop my skills in communication and leadership, so that I can be a help to others who are less fortunate than I am.

I may make mistakes, but I will turn them into lessons, not habits.

I will seek assistance when I need it, and give it where I can.

I will be conscientious in my academic work, and discriminating in my social contacts and associations.
I will respect my friends, myself, and this community which I now enter.

I will live by the rule which has guided men and women of principle over the ages: Do unto others, as you would have them to unto you.

I will set realistic goals, ever mindful that it is my best, to which I should strive.

I will be guided by the concepts of service to others, not greed for myself.

I will remember that at all times, I represent The LeMoyne-Owen College, and I will bring no harm or shame to her and the heritage of the Amistad.

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