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As a student leader, YOU should make clear to your constituents a commitment to excellence. YOU should abide by this commitment and encourage others to do the same.

YOU should make your expectations clear and help your fellow students meet these expectations by teaching and modeling.

As student leaders, YOU should understand that trust and respect can only be earned through respectful treatment of others and by adherence to high standards of personal conduct. YOU should realize that there must be a mutual respect between leaders and followers. YOU must respect the values and personal dignity of others at all times.

YOU should realize that successful leaders take the initiative in fostering open, two-way communication. It is your duty to help build self-confidence in your fellow students by providing them with positive feedback and by including their opinions in the vision of the group. In other words, you will ask them what they think.

As student leaders, YOU understand that successful leadership is more than getting people to do what you say. YOU should always remember to praise in public and admonish in private. YOU understand that reasonable mistakes are an opportunity to learn and improve.

YOU will remember to always "keep your cool" because it is better to relax at moments of frustration or anger than it is to say something that will undermine the effective and respectful relationships that have been formed with others.

And most importantly, as student leaders, YOU should always exemplify the characteristics of the "L-OC Mystique"; intelligence, professionalism, courtesy and decorum.

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