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Created in November 1960, the Pre-Alumni Council (PAC) is an organization that prepares students to become active alumni when they graduate. The council operates under the auspices of the Office of Alumni Relations.

PAC members:

  • raise funds for PAC activities
  • hold monthly meetings
  • complete two community service projects per year
  • participate in Pre-Alumni Council Week
  • financially support the College by fostering fellowship among its members and throughout the student body
  • become involved with National Alumni Associations (NAA) through the chapter and regional presidents, meetings, receptions and alumni events. When the National Alumni Association has its annual board meeting on campus, PAC members, along with other student leaders, have a chance to interact with the National Alumni Leadership for the exchange of ideas. 

PAC Executive Council:

  • president
  • vice president
  • treasure
  • parliamentarian
  • recording secretary

Pre-Alumni Executive Council elections will be held during the fall semester. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at (901) 435-1530.

We encourage new and returning students to join and become an active participant in the LOC Pre-Alumni Council.

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