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Outright Gifts
 We accept outright gifts of most assets of value including:

  • Cash
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Personal check/ Cashier’s check or Money Order (made payable to LeMoyne-Owen     College)

Gift Pledges 

A pledge allows you to fulfill your gift by making regular payments over time; thereby allowing you to give more generously than you may originally have considered.

Matching Gifts by Employers
You may be able to double or even triple your donation to LOC if your company has a matching-gift program. Contact your employer to find out if they have a matching-gifts program designed to increase your charitable contribution.

Planned Gifts 
Consider LOC when making bequests, life-income plans, or during your estate planning.  


The members of The Hollis F. Price Society have, through their own significant contributions to LeMoyne-Owen College, endowed its future with opportunities exceeding those which Hollis F. Price may have imagined.  

The membership consists of donors who have contributed to LeMoyne-Owen in their estate planning.  They have given gifts of life insurance, bequests or other types of major or deferred gifts.

You may be eligible for membership in the Price Society because your current estate plan already includes a provision for LeMoyne-Owen.

For membership information please write or call: 

Office of Planned Giving
LeMoyne-Owen College
807 Walker Avenue
Memphis, TN.  38126

Gifts in Kind/Transferring Assets
Strengthen the college’s resources by transferring personal property, appreciated securities or real estate.  

LeMoyne-Owen College will accept the following.

  • Gifts of real estate (including personal residences, second homes, income property, and vacant land)
  • Gifts of personal property (including rare books, works of art, valuable collectibles, and tangible items of demonstrable value.)
  • Gifts of intangible personal property (Copyrights, patents, and mineral rights.)

To make a gift-in-kind or to transfer assets, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (901) 435-1527.

Memorial and Named Gifts
Honor a loved one through naming opportunity or gift to LeMoyne-Owen College made in memory and honor of a loved one. To make a memorial or named gift, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (901) 435-1527.

Booker T. Hodges Endowed Scholarship.

Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds
LeMoyne-Owen College will accept the following.

Appreciated Securities, Stocks, and Bonds, Mutual Funds, Non-marketable Stock, or Closely held stock. 

To make a gift of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, provide the following transfer instructions to your broker: 

Insert Brokerage
LeMoyne-Owen College Account No. 11111111
DTC #11111
Attention: Broker, Insert Broker Phone

To help us track your transfer, contact Brenda Gaines-Ollie at Brenda_gaines-ollie [at] loc [dot] edu or (901) 435-1526, with:

The stock you intend to transfer
The approximate value of your gift
Your broker's name and phone number

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