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FWS is an employment program sponsored by the federal government.  It is intended to encourage and promote the part-time employment of students, as well as assist the college and its surrounding community.  This program provides jobs for undergraduate students, who are enrolled at least half-time, with financial need as determined by the results from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  FWS awards are given on “first-come-first-serve” basis.  Due to funding restrictions, FWS may not be awarded to all eligible students.

FWS money is not credited to a student’s account and cannot be used to confirm registration.  Income earned through FWS does not have to be repaid.  A student’s FWS hourly salary will not be lower, but may exceed the federal minimum wage.  Students are paid once a month for hours worked.  Generally, students may work up to 20 hours per week while school is in session.

Benefits of FWS

There are a lot of benefits to work-study.

  • Your job is convenient – it’s easier to get to work on campus between classes.
  • You’ll gain valuable work experience and build your resume with professional experience.
  • FICA tax is not deducted from your earnings, so you’ll have more take home pay than a comparable off-campus wage.
  • Campus employers make your education a priority and design work schedules around classes.

FWS Rules and Limitations

  • Work-study funding is only available if you have received a work-study award.
  • Work-study jobs are limited to no more than 20 hours per week during school.
  • Declining your work-study award could make you more eligible for loans. Likewise, canceling subsidized loans may make you eligible for work-study funds. Contact us to discuss your options.
  • You are not eligible to work during regularly scheduled class hours. 

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