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Transferring to LOC from another institution
If a Tennessee Educational Lottery Scholarship (TELS) recipient transfers from an eligible postsecondary institution to LOC, they must meet all eligibility requirements in order to receive the scholarship. All transfer students will be required to complete the steps below:

  • Send a full transcript to LOC’s Admissions Office, and notify the Financial Aid Office when you receive confirmation that your transcript has been processed
  • Inform your current school’s Financial Aid Office that you are planning to transfer, so they can cancel your aid
  • If you did not list LOC on your FAFSA as one of the institutions to receive your information, you will need to add our school code (003501) to your FAFSA
  • Inform Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) of your plans to transfer by completing the TSAC Change of Institution Request form located on our website under Financial Aid Forms and fax to TSAC (615-741-6101). If you have any questions you can contact TSAC by calling them at (800) 342-1663 or (615) 741-1346.
  • If you are a Stafford Loan borrower, you will need to let your lender and your previous school know that you will be attending LOC

 If you are transferring to LOC in the middle of the academic year, please be aware that you may not be paid until after the beginning of the semester depending on completion of eligibility processing. We are required by state policies to verify your initial and continuing eligibility; we will be unable to complete this process until all of the above steps are completed.

*If you were initially eligible for a TELS award upon completion of high school requirements and enrolled in a regionally accredited out-of-state postsecondary institution and are transferring to an eligible Tennessee postsecondary institution, you may be eligible to receive the TELS award. You will need to check with the Financial Aid Office to verify your eligibility.


A transient student is eligible to receive a TELS award if all other eligibility requirements are met and if both the home and host institutions are eligible postsecondary institutions. The home institution shall award the TELS funds to the transient student based on certification of eligibility from the host institution. The home institution shall certify to the Corporation that the student is eligible for a TELS award. Each eligible postsecondary institution shall develop a process to effectuate each provision of this rule and shall notify its students of the process and the availability of the necessary forms to comply with the requirements. At the end of the semester, the host institution shall provide the student’s home institution with all information necessary for the home institution to determine continued TELS award eligibility.   

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