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Dean of Enrollment Management and Adult Studies

Dr. Joey Edwards

Mailing Address

LeMoyne-Owen College
807 Walker Avenue
Memphis, TN 38126

Telephone/Email Contact
Office: 901-435-1503
    Toll free: (800) 737-7778

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Wanda Blair-Jones
(901) 435-1532
wanda_blair-jones [at] loc [dot] edu


To assist students in developing the"soft skills " that will enable them to compete for internships and career opportunities with confidence and success.

Career Services is the organizational unit at LeMoyne-Owen College responsible for assisting students and alumni with identifying and developing strategies to achieve their career goals. Students are encouraged to consider all career and Graduate/professional school opportunities available.

Career development is a learning and growing process that includes self-exploration, career awareness options, clarification and placement. Career Services provides career counseling for individuals and groups, assistance in the development of decision-making skills important for life-long planning, a Career Services resource library, as well as sponsors career related programs, events, workshops, seminars and company tours.

The Office of Career Services exists:

1. To provide career counseling to all students and alumni and assist them in planning their career development.
2. To assist students in the proper preparation of credentials for interview purposes, including resumes, letters of application, letters of inquiry, letters of acceptance, letter of job offers and letters regarding plant visits.
3. To provide leadership in the art and technique of job interviewing through workshops, seminars, videotape and other media.
4. To assist students in obtaining permanent, full-time jobs, internships, as well as part-time and summer work experience.
5. To increase the number of organizations who recruit on campus.
6. To provide opportunities for various recruiters visiting the College to meet with student groups, classes, faculty and other college administrators to discuss career opportunities with the specific concerns they represent.


Career and Graduate School EXPO - Fortune 500 companies and graduate schools visit the college to recruit, meet and greet students and display their information so that there is more awareness of their company.

On-Campus Recruitment
(informational or interviews) - Informational-Companies can at anytime come and take up applications, talk to students about job opportunities and display their information in the student center. Interviews - Companies can come and interview students for positions at their companies in the Career Services office other rooms across the campus.

Workshop Series
- Human Resource Representatives visit the classrooms and facilitate career -related topics. 

Freshman Seminar Mock Interviews/Preparatory Workshops - Freshmen attend a series of career development workshops to prepare them for mock interviews given by company representatives across the city. This two semester project is 40% of their grade.

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