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American Humanics Management of Nonprofit Organizations
Participants in this program are affiliated with American Humanics (AH) and will receive, on successful completion of certain requirements, a certification in not-for-profit, youth and human service agency management. 

The requirements are established by the national office of AH and consists of the demonstration of competencies essential to the youth and human service management industry. The program of study aims to prepare qualified students for positions of leadership and management in voluntary, not-for-profit, youth, and human services agencies. At LeMoyne-Owen College, the American Humanics Certificate Program is designed to complement a student's major. In order to be eligible for certification, a student is required to complete 40 credit hours in nonprofit management courses that address AH competencies. This must include at least 300 hours in an internship at an approved voluntary youth and human service organization.

The Greater Memphis Consortium was formed in the spring of 1970 and consists of Christian Brothers University, LeMoyne-Owen College, Memphis College of Art, and Memphis Theological Seminary. Nearly all courses offered at each member institution are open to students from all member institutions. However, summer session courses are not covered by the consortium agreement. Except for lab fees, there is no additional charge to full-time students for courses taken at another member institution. LeMoyne-Owen students may register for courses at another consortium institution with the approval of their academic advisor and a letter from the College's Registrar. A student may enroll for no more than six credit hours per semester at other consortium institutions.

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