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American Humanics

American Humanics is a national certification program in nonprofit management. The program is designed to prepare students through a cross-disciplinary curriculum that meets American Humanics national employment competencies. The program helps prepare students using an alliance of partners, such as non-profits, professional organizations, and educators in guiding the education of students towards a career in the world of the non-profit sector, dealing with youth and human services.

The Center for Active Student Education

The Center for Active Student Education (CASE), introduced in the 2008–2009 academic year, supplements the traditional content based curriculum with a program to help each student develop the competencies necessary to success in professional and civic lives. CASE links the development of the competencies to active academic engagement in the community where students will combine theory with practice and community experience. CASE will

  • coordinate the periodic assessment of each individual student’s attainment of desired competencies at benchmark periods during the student’s academic career,providing prescriptive feedback to address needs revealed by the evaluation, and
  • coordinate and implement a wide range of community based educational opportunities for students, insuring that those placements are related to and reinforce the desired student competencies, and that they are part of the overall assessment of student performance.

Cooperative Education/Internships

Cooperative Education/Internships is a unique program of educational enrichment that combines classroom instruction with related work experience gained through periods of on-campus study and off-campus employment. It is designed to enhance the student’s self-realization by supplementing academic study with structured work experiences in industry, education, social services, or government.

DuBois Scholars

The DuBois Scholars Program provides a stimulating environment where young scholars who have shown academic promise can flourish. DuBois Scholars participate in special seminars and off-campus opportunities that are designed to challenge their intellectual curiosity, enhance their cultural understanding, and develop their leadership capabilities. In addition to maintaining a commitment to their academic development, members of the program are expected to provide leadership and service to the College and local community.

For new students, the admissions application serves as their application to the DuBois Scholars

Program. Students already enrolled in the College may apply by completing scholarship applications distributed by the Dean of Student’s office.

International Studies

The International Studies Program advises students on opportunities for study abroad and assists them in finding scholarship support for study abroad. Recently, LeMoyne-Owen students have had the opportunity to study in these countries: Israel, Great Britain, France, Spain, Japan, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly American Humanics)

LeMoyne-Owen’s nonprofit program is associated with the Nonprofit Leadership Collaborative of the Mid-South. The program is designed to prepare students through a cross-disciplinary curriculum. Also, the Collaborative program helps prepare students using an alliance of partners, such as non-profits, professional organizations, and educators in guiding the education of students towards a career in the world of the non-profit sector, dealing with youth and human services.


The Service-Learning Program provides many structured, community-based service opportunities for students. The program also provides support for faculty, through workshops and as a resource center for various syllabi, reading materials, and assessment tools. The Program functions as a conductor for the creation of internships and other experiential learning opportunities that engage learning with service activities. Through the Program, College students can receive up to 12 hours for participating as a volunteer in Service-Learning 398A. One-Plus Credit, 398B, a component of the program, is offered so students in a structured course can participate in a service opportunity and receive extra credit for the course taken. By combining volunteer services with reflective reading and writing assignments, the student can appreciate the learning experience and view service to the community as a significant part of life.

Upward Bound Program

Upward Bound is a Pre-College educational outreach project funded by the U. S. Department of Education. Its major thrust is to provide fundamental services and opportunities that will prepare eligible low-income and first-generation college individuals academically and socially to enter and successfully graduate from a post-secondary institution. Ninth grade students who are enrolled in Booker T. Washington, George W. Carver, Hamilton, or South Side high schools, located in the LeMoyne-Owen College demographic area, are eligible to apply. Graduates of this project are provided orientation to college level work at LeMoyne-Owen College through the Upward Bound Summer Bridge Program. This four-week college transition program requires official enrollment in two three-credit hour classes, four hours of weekly tutorials and two hours of weekly counseling. These credit hours are transferable to most colleges of the participant's choice.

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