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LeMoyne-Owen is like that, a special place that makes everyone’s light shine.  The College is all about transformation, for itself, its city and especially its students.  The current College Transformation Plan, “Delivering a New Brand of Urban Education for Leadership, Opportunity,  and Change” is a vital launch pad for developing the potential of all students to find success as professionals, civic movers and shakers, and fulfilled individuals.

As a small, historically Black liberal arts College, LeMoyne-Owen gives personal attention to every student, and offers a curriculum that recognizes and addresses their particular perspectives, interests, needs and concerns.  Set in the urban heart of one of the South’s great cities, LeMoyne-Owen is not just located in Memphis, but is a part of it.  Students and faculty are actively involved with their community, learning from it, about it, and with it.  Together, we are urban change agents. 

LeMoyne-Owen College offers a new brand of urban education to prepare students for economic independence, professional advancement, solid contributions to their community and personal fulfillment.

The College provides a liberal arts core curriculum which develops in students:

  • important skills in communication, quantification, critical thinking;
  • grounding in their own and culture and understanding of other regional, American and world cultures;
  • a knowledge base about the natural and physical world and technology they can apply to their own lives

The urban-focused curriculum offers students special opportunities to develop their own capacities throughindividualized attention to the skill development of each student:

  • Wide ranging hands-on field placement in the community and in professional environments
  • Opportunities for each student to interact with community and professional leaders
  • Major programs which offer special attention to urban issues and perspectives and to fill t he professional needs of local, regional and global urban centers

Academic Divisions and Degree Offerings

The undergraduate program at LeMoyne-Owen is carried out through five academic divisions offering majors in 23 areas of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Business Administration degrees.

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