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LeMoyne-Owen College offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in nine fields, the Bachelor of Business Administration in one field (with three different concentrations), and the Bachelor of Science degree in eleven fields. This catalog describes the Bachelor's degree courses, requirements, and policies.

Students will be awarded a LeMoyne-Owen College bachelor's degree when they have:

• Completed at least 120 semester hours of course work with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. The last 30 of these credit hours must have been earned in residence at LeMoyne-Owen, and must include at least three credit hours in Core II courses at LeMoyne-Owen College.
• Earned at least 45 credit hours in 300 and 400 numbered courses at the junior/senior level. Only courses completed with a grade of A, B, C, D or P can be credited toward the degree.
• Completed the General and Liberal Arts Education Core Requirements with a minimum grade of C in all Core I courses and in the English, Computer Science and Mathematics Core II courses.
• Met the specific course requirements for a major concentration area with a minimum grade of C in all courses required for the major including cognate courses.
•Submitted a formal application for the degree and completed the College exit interview.

Degree Requirements to be Applied
If a student first matriculated more than ten years before the expected date of graduation, that student's record will be evaluated and a program for completion of the degree will be established. This program may include extra or repeated course work and must be approved by the division chair of the major area.

Requests to Waive or to Substitute a specific course requirement must be made in writing and must be approved by a student's advisor, the appropriate division chair, and the VP/Chief Academic Officer before submission to the Registrar. A copy of the approved request must be filed with a student's formal application for the degree.

Transfer students may complete a LeMoyne-Owen degree by meeting all requirements with courses taken at LeMoyne-Owen, or with the equivalent courses taken and passed with a grade of C (2.0) or better at their former institution(s). However, at least 25% of the total credit hours, and 25% of the major requirement hours (including cognates) must be earned at LeMoyne-Owen. The last 30 credit hours must be earned in residence at LeMoyne-Owen. The total credit hours at LeMoyne-Owen must include at least three credit hours in Core II courses.

Transfer credit is granted for courses in which a grade of C (2.0) or better was earned at a regionally accredited institution, and which are appropriate to the LeMoyne-Owen curriculum. Some transferred courses may meet general education or major field requirements.

A double major may be completed by meeting all of the requirements for each major. A student must designate one major as the "primary major" which will be listed on the degree. However, the College transcript will indicate that two majors have been completed.

A second bachelor's degree may be earned by a student already holding a bachelor's degree from LeMoyne-Owen or another institution by completing at least 25% of the requirements for graduation in that program in residence.

Courses at other accredited institutions may be taken for credit by enrolled LeMoyne-Owen students only under special circumstances and with prior approval. A student's advisor, division chair, and the VP/Chief Academic Officer may grant such approval to students who are graduating seniors and need courses not available in the term at LeMoyne-Owen. Approval may also be granted to students who wish to take a course never available at LeMoyne-Owen or who wish to take a summer course at an institution near their home. The last 30 hours of coursework must be completed at LeMoyne-Owen College.

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