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LeMoyne-Owen students must pursue and complete courses at a rate that will allow them to earn their degree in a reasonable amount of time. Many students are able to complete the requirements for the degree in four years by earning an average of 15 credit hours in each of their eight semesters. However, some students will require more than four years to earn their degree. 

The College has established standards that define a minimum rate of progress toward the degree. They define the minimum number of course credit hours that must be attempted, the number that must be completed, and the cumulative grade point average that must be achieved as credit hours are accumulated. A course and its credit hours are considered to be completed if a grade of A, B, C, D or P is earned. 

The number of course credit hours attempted includes all courses for which one of those grades was received, plus courses where the result was a designation of WA, WD, F or I. Repeated courses are counted as attempted and completed (or not), for each attempt. However, only the most recent grade and credit hours are included when calculating the GPA.

**LOC students must be aware of the major differences in our Academic Policies versus their eligibility to receive financial aid funds. The College has established standards that define a minimum rate of progress toward a degree. This rate also requires students to achieve a certain grade point average at the end of each year. Any student receiving state and federal financial aid must also earn at least 70% of all attempted hours. Consequently, a student could be on probation academically but not be eligible for state and federal financial aid. 

Full-time students who meet these standards are said to be in academic good standing, having made satisfactory academic progress during their time at the College. They remain eligible for state and federal financial aid. 

Part-time students are those attempting fewer than 12 credit hours in a regular semester. Part-time students lose eligibility for state and federal financial aid if they fail to maintain progress as defined under Financial Aid. 

Note: State and federal financial aid are only available for support of the first 180 credit hours attempted by a student (195 credit hours for students graduating under the 130 credit hour degree requirement). These credit hours include all transfer credit hours and all periods of enrollment, even those in which a student did not receive state/federal aid. As a further restriction, part-time students may receive state or federal financial aid for a maximum of twelve years. 


Students who are not in academic good standing at the end of any year at LeMoyne-Owen are placed on academic probation for the next two semesters in which they are enrolled. They will be removed from probation at any time during this period if their GPA meets the standards given above. But, if they are not in academic good standing by the end of those two semesters, or if their cumulative GPA again falls below the standard at a later time, they will be placed on probation a second time. If, at the end of the second two-semester probationary period, a student has not achieved academic good standing, the student will be suspended from the College.

Students on academic probation may not take more than 13 credit hours each semester, enroll in student teaching, hold office in any student organization or participate in intercollegiate athletics. During the period of probation, students must work with their faculty advisors, instructors and counselors to define and use appropriate support services. Students on probation may not register for the next semester without the approval of the Academic Standards Committee.

Students who are suspended from the College are required to spend a defined period of time, usually two regular semesters, away from the College. During this period they may be required to successfully complete activities defined by the Academic Standards, Honors and Selection Committee if they are to be considered for readmission to LeMoyne-Owen. A student who is readmitted to the College following a period of academic suspension, and who subsequently fails to achieve a C (2.0) GPA in any semester, will be dismissed from the College. 

An appeal can be made by a student who has been suspended or dismissed. The appeal must be presented in writing to the Academic Standards, Honors and Selection Committee and should fully describe the extenuating circumstances on which the appeal is based. The appeal should be supported by documentation. An appeal should be made as soon as possible, but no later than one month, before registration for the next semester.


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