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Welcome to Institutional Research

 The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) is the official source for information pertaining to the institution. Data concerning LeMoyne-Owen College, including its students, courses, personnel, programs, and facilities as well as relevant external data are available from our office. We are responsible for campus compliance to external reporting to agencies such as the National Center for Education Statistics, the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), and the Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association. We also respond to numerous requests from college guidebooks and magazine publishers.

Internally, the information we collect is used to support planning, policy development, research and decision-making. As such, we provide many routine and ad hoc reports to academic administrators, administrative officers, and other members of the College community.

The Office of Institutional Research, which reports directly to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, plays an integral part in evaluating the effectiveness of the university through the assessment process and dissemination of assessment results to improve institutional effectiveness.

 What is Institutional Research?

 Four basic activities describe institutional research:
• Collecting data about the performance of an institution
• Collecting data about the environment of an institution
• Analyzing and interpreting the collected data
• Transforming and interpreting data analyses into information that can be used to support the institutional planning, set institutional policies, and make academic and management decisions.

What kinds of data are available?

 General and historical
Data about students (enrollment and credit hour data, demography, and degrees awarded)
Faculty and staff demography
Facilities and associated utilization

Who may have access to this data?

 Summaries and analysis are available to LOC administrators, faculty, or staff in academic or support units needing information for publicity, presentations, reports, grants and contracts, public relations, news releases, or other legitimate university functions.

Reoungeneria McFarland
Institutional Research
Academic Affairs Office
Tel: (901) 435-1213
Fax: (901) 435-1223
Email: reo_mcfarland [at] loc [dot] edu

James Larry
Data Analyst
Institutional Research
Academic Affairs Office
Tel: (901) 435-1209
Fax: (901) 435-1223
Email: james_larry [at] loc [dot] edu

Mailing Address 
LeMoyne-Owen College
807 Walker Avenue 
Memphis, TN 38126 

Telephone/Email Contact
Office: (901) 435-1213 
Fax: (901) 435-1223


Mission Statement

The mission of Institutional Research to support the advancement of the College’s mission to provide a transformative experience educating students for urban-focused leadership, scholarship, service and professional careers and vision by providing information and research services useful for institutional planning, policy formation, evidence-based decision making and assessment of student learning outcomes. As the designated office for official data reporting and analysis, the OIR serves as a centralized resource for collecting, organizing, analyzing and disseminating timely, accurate and reliable data to internal and external constituents.

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