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 Memphis TN.
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LeMoyne-Owen College
807 Walker Ave
Memphis TN 38126
Main Telephone: (901) 435-1000
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Located in the heart of Memphis, LeMoyne-Owen College is woven into the fabric of our city. Both our students and faculty are actively involved in our community, through volunteer opportunities, including mentoring and student teaching. Memphis is a city that gives back both through time and treasure: the College instills this philosophy on campus.


Notably, LeMoyne-Owen College is also Memphis’ only HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) --- the next closest HBCU is over an hour’s drive away.

LeMoyne-Owen College serves the unique educational needs of students; it is a launching pad for success ---- no matter where a student is on their academic journey.  We appreciate that our students are not all the same, and have different needs and expectations. We give each student individualized, one to one attention with tailored resources to meet them where they are. Our students come from diverse walks of life, including those who are:


  • Educationally advanced, entering prepared to thrive as scholars;
  • Older, non-traditional, and attending part-time; or
  • First-generation students, in need of a more supportive campus environment. 


There are a myriad of reasons to support LeMoyne-Owen College:


  • Our mission: We are the change agents helping our students to transform and grow; our students then impart their knowledge within our greater community.
  • Support your “hometown” HBCU: HBCU’s demonstrate academic success: preserving our HBCU history will lead to an enhanced city workforce.
  • We’re woven into Memphis’ history: We will continue to help strengthen our urban story, building our local Soulsville community, chapter by chapter, educating future citizens and perhaps even another mayor. 
  • Growth of our city infrastructure: Our graduates – with their liberal arts degrees - are building the city’s personnel infrastructure – from city government, to healthcare infrastructure to supply chain management jobs.
  • Seed “local”: Our students are generally from in-state; investing in these students ultimately helps grow our economy.
  • Improving Economic Prosperity for Urban Students: Many of our students are the first in their generation to attend college – and an overwhelmingly large number are women.  We’re building personal prosperity, and paving the path for their children to also share in this success.
  • Our LOC Personal Mission:  Given our small numbers, we get to know our students and their stories; we do what it takes to help them succeed.


LeMoyne-Owen College helps students prosper and grow, one at a time.  We invite you to help us seed this change.


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