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    Continuing students, who know the classes in which they wish to enroll, may login to their Self-Service accounts to register for classes. The class schedule is submitted online to the academic advisor who then approves or denies the requested classes.


    Readmission or transient students must meet with an advisor prior to registering for classes.


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    Help Desk


    For assistance with usernames or passwords, please email the Help Desk at Helpdesk@loc.edu.


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    For your protection, LeMoyne-Owen College’s Self-Service site is a fully encrypted website. While we have taken these precautions to protect your records, no site is completely secure. Always log off when you finish using the system and remember to close the web browser.


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    Registering Online


    We strongly suggest that you meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for courses.
    All holds must be resolved prior to registering for courses.   Please report to the appropriate department for resolution. 


    Online Registration Process:

    • Enter your username and password (If you have forgotten your password, click the “Forgot My Password” link.  If you need assistance, email the HelpDesk, Helpdesk@loc.edu.
    • Click Login, and then click the option of your choice. To register for classes click the "Register” tab at the top of the page then, traditional courses, then section search. Choose the “Period or term” for which you would like to register then click the “Search” button.
    • When you locate the desired course, click the “Add” button to add the course to your “Shopping Cart”. You MUST click the “Submit” button to submit your schedule for advisor approval.


    After your advisor has reviewed your schedule, you will receive an email message to your LeMoyne-Owen email address indicating that your schedule has been approved or denied.   

    • After you have registered for all desired courses, check your schedule by clicking the “Classes” tab then “schedule.”


    Special Note: You must meet prerequisites and/or corequisites to enroll in certain courses. An error message may appear, and you will not be enrolled if:

    • You attempt to register for courses without having satisfied prerequisites (lower-level course(s) required prior to taking the desired course) or
    • You attempt to register for courses without registering for the appropriate corequisites (course(s) required to be taken in conjunction with the desired course)
    • The course is closed
    • The time conflicts with another course


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    Auditing a Course


    Students who want to audit courses must register during the late registration period. Students may not use PowerCAMPUS “Self-Service” to register to audit a course. An audit may not be converted to credit after the last published date of late registration. Registration for credit may not be converted to audit.


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    Change of Registration


    Adding a Class

    A student may add classes through the last date for late registration. The last date that a student may add classes is published on the College's Academic Calendar. A student who attends a class without officially registering will not receive credit for that class.

    To add a class, do so via PowerCAMPUS self-service or:

    • Complete the form with the assistance of the advisor.
    • Deliver the Change of Registration Form to the Records Office for processing.
    • Pay any additional fees required (Fees are due and payable at the time the class is added).


    Dropping a Class

    A student may officially drop or withdraw from a class within the prescribed time allowed for dropping or withdrawing as noted in the College's Academic Calendar. The date on which the student drops or withdraws from class impacts the amount of refund to which the student may be entitled. Classes dropped by the census date are dropped from the academic record. Courses from which a student withdraws after the census date are graded with the grade of "W" and are listed on the student's permanent academic record.

    To drop or withdraw from a class the student must:

    • Obtain a Change of Registration Form from an academic advisor or the Records Office
    • Complete the form with the assistance of the advisor.
    • Deliver the Change of Registration Form to the Records Office for processing.
    • Wait for any refund due you to be mailed by the Fiscal Office (drop or withdrawal dates, credit hours dropped and number of remaining class hours impact refunds due; refunds are not due in many instances).


    Withdrawing From the College

    The student must withdraw within the prescribed time period allowable as published in the College's Academic Calendar. Withdrawals occurring after the published last date to withdraw with a grade of "W" will result in the grade of "F" being assigned for each course. When the student stops attending classes and does not officially withdraw from classes, a grade of "F" will be assigned for each class. It is the student's responsibility to withdraw. When extenuating circumstances prevent the student from carrying out this responsibility in person, the student should immediately the office of Student Counseling at 901-435-1738.


    To withdraw from the College, the student must:

    • Obtain a Withdrawal Form from the Records Office
    • Complete the form with the assistance of the advisor
    • Deliver the Withdrawal Form to the Records Office for processing.



    Canceled or Closed Classes


    Classes which have been canceled will be deleted from your registration and you will be notified via your LeMoyne-Owen College student email account.



    Closed classes are those in which the maximum enrollment has been met and additional students may not enroll

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    Unofficial Withdrawals and Class Attendance

    When a student enrolls in a course and stops attending the class, the student is considered as unofficially withdrawn. A grade of "F" will be assigned to the course at the end of the term. Attendance is monitored by each faculty member and is reported according to federal requirements. Faculty must report "no shows" (students who never attend class) and the last date of attendance for any student who has been determined to have stopped attending class. Students receiving federal financial aid and/or Veterans educational benefits may be required to repay such funds when classes are not properly attended.

    Students are expected to attend all classes as scheduled. Each instructor may determine how absences and tardiness will affect the student's overall grade. This information is to be included on the course syllabus. Students are responsible for reading the course syllabus. Regardless of the reason or nature of the absence, students are responsible for the work covered by the instructor and for timely submission of all assignments. The instructor may, at his or her discretion, allow the student to hand in assignments late or make up work, quizzes, examinations or presentations missed..


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    Student Identification


    The LeMoyne-Owen College ID Badge is the official school identification card. It is the cardholder’s proof of affiliation with the institution. Students must have theirLOC Identification Badge with them while enrolled atLeMoyne-Owen College.

    The Compliance Office/Campus Safety will issue cards during registration. To obtain I.D. Badges individuals must be enrolled in the current semester and present a form of identification and/or validation paperwork.

    Each Semester Fiscal will re-activate the ID’S by providing students with a color coded validation sticker. This stickershould be placed on the back of the ID Badge.


    All students, faculty and staff are required to have current LeMoyne-Owen identification badges. These badges are to be worn at all times while on campus and should be displayed on the outermost clothing.

    You must have your ID Badge with you at LOC if you wish to:
    1. Check out library materials and access computers
    2. Access learning centers/computer labs and use their material or equipment
    3. Print and copy in the computer labs or library
    4. Enter athletic and special events sponsored by the College
    5. Dine in the Student Center Cafeteria
    6. Participate in Game Room Activities
    7. Sell your used books back to the bookstore
    8. Check out college equipment from Student Affairs or Residence Halls

    If the Student I.D. Card is lost, a replacement card may be obtained by paying a $20.00 replacement fee in the Cashier’s Office located in Brownlee Hall. The receipt should then be taken to the Compliance Office located in Brownlee Hall, Room 42, to obtain the replacement ID card.

    It is prohibited to alter, lend, sell, or possess a student identification card that does not belong to that individual. Use of a student identification card by anyone other than its owner is also prohibited, and may result in the owner receiving a sanction or summons to appear before the Judicial Council.

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