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2017-18 Dependent Verification Worksheet

  2010-11 Dependent Verification Worksheet  

2017-18 Independent Verification Worksheet

  2010-11 Independent Verification Workshee  

2017-18 Verification of High School Completion Status

  2011-12 Student’s Explanation of Low Income Form  

2017-18 Verification of Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose (Must be NOTARIZED)


2017-18 Verification of Legal Guardianship


2017-18 Dependency Appeal Form


SAP Appeal Form


Unusual Enrollment History Appeal Form


How to order your IRS Tax Return Transcript


2017-18 Student’s Explanation of Low Income


2017-18 Parent’s Explanation of Low Income


William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Request Form

  William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Request Form  

William D. Ford Federal Direct Plus Loan Request Form

  William D. Ford Federal Direct Plus Loan Request Form  

In-School Deferment Form for the William D. Ford Loan Program

  In-School Deferment Form for the William D. Ford Loan Program  









Tennessee Lottery Regain Option Form


Tennessee Lottery Repeat Option Form


Verification Opt-Out Form


Lottery Request for Leave of Absence


TSAC Change of Institution Request


Applying For Aid

LOC School Code: 003501

Federal Priority Deadline: April 1
To maximize your award possibilities - complete and mail all documentation as soon after January 1 as possible. Some aid programs are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis and an early application receives priority consideration!

Step 1: Free Application For Federal Student Aid

Your first step in determining your eligibility is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The application is available in three formats:

  • FAFSA on the Web - This easy, quick and secure method automatically checks for errors. Be sure to have all your information with you when you start the process. (i.e. Your tax returns and Parent's tax returns for students who are required to submit parental information.)

  • Renewal FAFSA on the Web - Students who applied for aid last year can use their U.S. Department of Education Pin Number to access the renewal FAFSA. Most of your information is already in the system. All you need to do is update the information!
  • Paper FAFSA - You can request a paper copy of the FAFSA from your high school counselor or stop by our office. We have plenty of application worksheets and student guides.

Be sure to list our school code (Title IV Code: 003501) to ensure that we will receive your FAFSA information for award processing.

Have you forgotten your pin number?
Or you don't have a pin number?
No worries!

Request A Pin Number Parents can also request a pin number! Only one parent needs to request a pin number and the parent can use their individual pin number to sign each of their student's FAFSA.

Step 2: Your Student Aid Report

The federal processor analyzes your FAFSA information to determine an Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Based on a federally mandated formula, the EFC is the amount of support that you and your family are expected to provide for your educational expenses. The results of your FAFSA are reported to you in the form of a Student Aid Report (SAR). Review your SAR carefully. Make corrections to any information that is incorrect. Also, you may be asked to supply additional or supplementary information to our office. Our office will review an electronic version of your SAR to see if additional or supplementary information is needed. If additional information is needed, a letter along with the necessary forms will be sent to you through the mail.

Step 3: Scholarships

For information about applying for scholarships, go to the Scholarships page.

Step 4: Your Award Letter

After your FAFSA application is complete, our office will determine your award eligibility. Awards are based on an established cost of attendance (COA) and your expected family contribution (EFC). Students taking all Regents Online Degree Program courses will have a lower cost of attendance than students taking regular on-campus based courses. Currently enrolled students may access Pipeline MT to view financial aid awards.

Cost of Attendance




Student Need


Pell Grant & SEOG


Veteran Benefits


Scholarships, grants, work-study, fee waivers, discounts...etc.


Loan Need

Your financial aid awards will be posted on your My LOC account .