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Dean of Enrollment Management and Adult Studies
Dr. Joey Edwards

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To register with the Career Services offices, complete the following steps
  1. Fill Out Application
  2. Fill Out Goal Setting Form

The LeMoyne-Owen College Department of Career Services: GOAL SETTING FORM
Purpose: To help students understand the importance of setting goals as a part of their personal and professional development. It will help them prioritize their time, discover their strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate their personality type. Download (optional)

U.S. Citizen?
1. What are your short-term goals (within a year or less)?
2. What are your long term goals within the next five to 10 years?

Action Steps:

Name your top 3 career choices, geographic locations where you would like to live, strongest skills, and areas of development.




Geographic Locations:

Strongest Skills:

Areas of Development:


Fill in briefly below your goals for the next two years.

In column 1, number the goals that are most important to you. (1 is the most important and 10 is the least) In the other columns, state in sentence form what your goals are for each one.

Priority (1-10)
Six Months
One Year
Two Years
Personal Time
Household Duties
Extracurricular Activities
Community Involvement
Spiritual Life

Estimate the total time you think you spend per week on each activity listed below. Then add the hours together. If your number is over 168 (the number of hours in a week), rethink your original estimates and recalculate the total so that it equals or is less than 168.

Activity Estimated Time Spent In Hours Per Week
Getting Ready In the Morning
Family Time/Child Care
Chores and Personal Business
Friends and Important Relationships
Tekephone Time
Spiritual Life

(Calculate: 168)

Minus Total  :

Unscheduled Time :

Click on  your best answer for each section.  (Remember, you might fall into more than one category)

I like working with objects more than ideas.
I can perform activities that require physical coordination.
I am interested in military activities.
I can usually mend or repair things.

I am agreeable, honest, and quiet.

I am realistic, money-minded, and persevering.

Sample Careers: Air Traffic Controller, Painter, Plumber, Police Officer, Machinist, Nursery Worker, Jeweler, Fire Fighter, or Dressmaker.

I usually think through a problem before acting on it.
I like to find my own solution to problems.
I try to create ways of doing a job.
I am interested in research.

I am logical, careful, and investigative.

I am self-sufficient, experimental, and exact.

Sample Careers: Airplane Pilot, Biologist, Chemist, Computer Operator, Dentist, Engineer, Physician, Data Programmer, X-Ray Technician, or Research Analyst.

I like to create things that are different.
I prefer to express myself in writing or through art rather than through speaking.
I can design clothes, furniture, ceramics, or posters.

I have ability in music, drama, and dance.

I am demonstrative, impressionable, and spontaneous.

I am imaginative, visionary, and non-conforming.

Sample Careers: Actor/Actress, Advertising Executive, Architect, Apparel Designer, Interpreter, Journalist/Reporter, Photographer, Writer, or Public Relations.

I feel good about expressing myself verbally.
I like being asked to take a leadership role
I can easily make new friends.
I can lead a charity or benefit drive.

I am generous, hospitable, and unreserved.

I am tactful, sociable, and understanding.
Sample Careers: Hair Stylist, Counselor, Athletic Coach, Interviewer, Nurse, Minister, Politician, Social Worker, or Teacher.

I enjoy talking more than listening when in a group of people.

I often find myself trying to change someone’s point of view
I can sell things.

I can operate my own business.

I am a go-getter, commanding, and enthusiastic.

I am popular, self confident, and active.

Sample Careers: Attorney, Banker, Business Manager, Contractor, Radio/TV Announcer, Real Estate Agent, Salesperson, or Warehouse Manager.

I like to know exactly what is expected of me in a new situation.

I would rather be given directions than to figure them out myself.

I can usually keep my cool in stressful situations.

I like a routine work setting.

I am responsible, organized, and productive.

I am obedient, reliable, and calm.

Sample Careers: Business Teacher, File Clerk, Key Punch Operator, Receptionist, or Secretary.

Choose the best answer that applies to you.

1. I like:
2. I want to work in a:
3. I prefer to work:
4. I'd rather be a:
5. I like being:
6. I prefer to:
7. I am more of a _____ learner:
8. A high priority in life is to:
9. Often people think of me as:
10. I enjoy:
11. I like:
12. I can:
13. I can :
14. I prefer working with my:
15. I am perform better:
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