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 Memphis TN.
Career Services


Dean of Enrollment Management and Adult Studies
Dr. Joey Edwards

Mailing Address
LeMoyne-Owen College
807 Walker Avenue
Memphis, TN 38126

Telephone/Email Contact
Office: 901-435-1503
Toll free: (800) 737-7778

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To register with the Career Services offices, complete the following steps
  1. Fill Out Application
  2. Fill Out Goal Setting Form

The LeMoyne-Owen College Department of Career Services: CAREER SERVICES APPLICATION

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U.S. Citizen?
If no, are you authorized to work in the U.S.?
Restricted or Unrestricted
Have you ever visited Career Services?
Are you presently employed?
If yes, what company?
Have you had any internships?
If yes, where?
Have you ever worked a Co-op?
If yes, where?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime/felony?
If yes, what?
Do you have an updated resume on file?
Will you be able to attend workshops sponsored by
Career Services?
Will you be able to participate in interviews and
on campus recruitment?
How can Career Services assist you?
List the Top 3 companies where you would like to work:
What are your extracurricular activities?
Set-Up an Interview/Orientation Time with Career Services 
Preferred Day

Preferred Time

I understand that Career Services has the right to use my professional and personal information stated above for job referral purposes only. If I am unable to make a scheduled interview or appointment, I will notify the employer or Career Services at least (2) two hours prior to that appointment. I am responsible for writing a formal letter of apology to the affected employer as well as to the Director of Career Services if I miss a scheduled interview opportunity. If I miss a scheduled interview opportunity and fail to contact either the employer or Career Services, I realize that this will jeopardize my being referred for other opportunities in the future. The period of time will be determined by the Career Services Director.

Disclaimer: LeMoyne-Owen College Career Services is not liable or responsible for company conduct, legal matters, dismissal or further research after initial contact of referring of students. It is the student's/alum's responsibility to research and follow through with each company. Also, companies will sometimes request a drug, credit or background check on each applicant.

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