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Spring 2014 Placement Test Schedule is Now Available

LeMoyne-Owen College

New Student Placement Test Guide

The Teaching and Learning Center will offer the following opportunities for the mandatory Placement Exam.  If you are enrolling in Spring courses, we would like to offer you the opportunity to test on one of the following dates. 

Placement Exam Schedule 2014




Monday, June 23

9:30 a.m..

GOH 111

Wednesday, July 23

9:30 a.m. .

GOH 111

Saturday, August 23

9:30 a.m.

GOH 111





What is the Placement Test?


LOC students will need to take the placement test before being allowed to register in any Math, English or Reading course. The results of the exam will help you and LOC determine the courses you will take to best meet your academic goals.  The placement tests are not pass-fail.  An advisor will view your scores and determine the appropriate course in which you should enroll.  
A student who places into a developmental course must successfully complete that course prior to attempting the corresponding college level courses.


Test Location


Placement tests are administered in the location indicated above.  The test will start promptly at the time indicated.  Late arrivals will not be allowed admittance into the testing room after the test has started.


How do I prepare for the Placement Exam?


To prepare for the test please utilize Khan Academy, an online resource that will help refresh and develop your math skills. Go to www.khanacademy.com  click LEARN, scroll down to Math and then click Algebra.  Use the search bar to view tutorials on the following:


Order of Operations


Linear Equations

Fractions (adding, subtract, multiply and divide)

Factoring Quadratic Expressions





Calculators are not permitted.  


The Writing Placement test is given to assess your ability to write at a college level by measuring your readiness for introductory college courses.  Faculty members review your essay and assess what course level you should begin based on your writing ability.  You will be asked to respond to a writing prompt that should include the following: 


Well-organized essay on a specific topic

Clear thesis statement

Multiple paragraphs

Paragraphs with supporting details





The Reading Placement test is a two part multiple-choice exam that is designed to assess the following skills:


           Comprehension skills                               Vocabulary skills


Meaning of Words

Understanding what you read




If you are a Transfer student, please bring a copy of your unofficial transcript to determine if the Placement Exam is necessary for enrollment in coursework.

Additional Information

Please contact: Jennifer Moore at 901-435-1542 or Jennifer_moore@loc.edu