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LeMoyne-Owen College is proud of its heritage as a liberal arts college, an institution of higher learning which seeks to promote knowledge and wisdom as well as specific skills in its students. This tradition finds its expression in a series of interdisciplinary Core Courses that are required for graduation.


This Core Curriculum offers all students an opportunity to develop their full academic potential, beginning with basic Core I courses that build competencies needed to succeed in more advanced college level work. Entering students take placement exams to determine which Core I courses may be needed.


Core I - These courses emphasize basic verbal skills and critical thinking. Placement exams help place entering students in the appropriate Core I course. Core I courses are counted as part of the course load and their grades are included in the calculation of the grade point average. However, their credit hours do not count toward graduation or toward the granting of College Honors. Students must achieve a minimum grade of C in Core I courses in order to progress to Core II. Core I courses may be repeated up to two times in order to achieve a C. Students who fail to achieve a C after three attempts will be dismissed from the College. The dismissal may be appealed.


English 010 College Writing I (4)
Reading 015 College Reading I (3)
English 011 College Writing II (4)
Reading 016 College Reading II (3)
Mathematics 011 Developmental Mathematics (3)


Core I was revised in early 1998. Students entering LeMoyne-Owen in the Fall of 1998 or thereafter will follow the new Core II requirements listed below. Core I and II courses are listed below and under the appropriate area of study, with full descriptions.


Core II courses are taken by all students. They provide the common experience that defines a LeMoyne-Owen liberal arts education. Core II consists of the Freshman Seminar and 14 interdisciplinary courses in mathematics, natural and computer science, literature and the humanities, African and African-American heritage, the social and behavioral sciences, and physical fitness.


Core II is designed to provide all students with the knowledge and skills needed for a fulfilled life as a citizen, professional, and lifelong learner.


Core II - The courses in Core II make up 42 credit hours, 38 semester hours in different areas of study and 4 in the Freshman Seminar. Each Core II course is a graduation requirement and eight of these courses must be passed with a grade of C or better to count toward graduation or to serve as prerequisites. The eight are: English 111, 112 and 205, Freshman Seminar 101 and 102, Mathematics 111 and 112, and Computer Science (or Business Administration) 118. Core II courses may be repeated up to two times in order to achieve a C.


Students who fail to achieve a C after these three attempts will be dismissed from the College. The dismissal may be appealed.


Freshman Seminar, FRSM 101-102, is taken by all new students in the fall semester (2 semester hours) and spring semester (2 semester hour) of their first year at the College. Transfer students with fewer than twenty-eight transferable credits in the CORE curriculum are also required to take Freshman Seminar.


Core II courses
Computer Science 118 - Introduction to Microcomputers (3),
Business Administration 118 - Microcomputer Application in Business (3)
English 111 - English Communications I (3)
English 112 - English Communications II (3)
English 205 - Human Literary Heritage (3)
FRSM 101 - Freshman Seminar I - Fall (2)
FRSM 102 - Freshman Seminar II- Spring (2)
History 221 - Introduction to African American History I (3)
Humanities 211 - The Awakening World (3)
Humanities 212 - The Global Village (3)
Natural Science 110 - Biological Science (3)
Natural Science 112 - Physical Science (3)
Mathematics 111 - Survey of College Math (3)
Mathematics 112 - Concepts of Algebra (3)
Mathematics 130 - College Algebra (3)
Mathematics 145 - Pre-calculus (3)
Social Science 111 - Introduction to Power & Society (3)
Health, Fitness/Wellness 129 - Lifetime Fitness (1)
Health, Fitness/Wellness (HLFW) Course - Activity Elective (1)


Each major area requires a Capstone course (460), a class designed to help students integrate their mastery of the discipline with the knowledge base and competencies developed through the Core curriculum. Some majors also require a pre-capstone course, and/or a series of capstone courses, so the number of hours varies according to the programs.


The Capstone courses are considered a culminating experience of the Core as well as of the major.