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Peer Leaders are LOC students who have chosen to work with First-Year Seminar groups to help with the transition to college life. They know what being a first year student at LOC is like.

They all have had the Freshman Seminar experience and they will be a good resource.

What I learned from Freshman Seminar….

“College is not high school! Know how you learn best and seek help when you need it. Research opportunities for community service and information on careers; use the resources on campus to help you.”
             Cearse S.

“I advise entering freshmen to become as active as possible in organizations and campus events; this helps to create a better college experience.”
            Jeremy B.

“Class attendance is very important to success; also completing assignments correctly and on time and having contact with professors beyond the classroom.”
            Calvin S.

“Make sure you get organize for studying and take good class notes.”
           Jasmine H.

“I encourage entering freshman students to let professors know when you are having difficulty understanding class assignments; seek additional help by using the tutoring that is available at the college.”
          Jenita D.

“Be determined to succeed and make the necessary sacrifices to be successful; this pays off in the long run.”
         Tanya W.

“Work hard and stay focused. Don’t try to make all the social activities; give priority to assignments and study. But have fun too!”
         Patricia W.