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Freshman Seminar


Phillip DotsonDirector
Phillip Dotson
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Mr. Phillip Dotson- Director of Freshman Seminar- phillip_dotson@loc.edu

Mr. Dotson has been an instructor at LeMoyne-Owen College since 1972.  He was attracted to LOC because it met his life’s objective of helping to uplift the life of African Americans to become worthy citizens capable of doing whatever God puts on their heart. As the writers of scripture state: " I can do all things through the one that strengthens me."  

Mr. Dotson looks forward to teaching Freshman Seminar this fall because there is such excitement in learning. The most important advice that Mr. Dotson gives to an incoming freshman is to stay focused on getting your degree within a reasonable time period so that they can go on to graduate and or professional school. This will aid them in becoming true professionals in whatever area or discipline they choose. “Prepare to be your best at whatever you do, serve and get paid for your service as you help others.”

Mr. Eddie Pate- Assistant Professor of History
- eddie_pate@loc.edu  

Mr. Pate has been a full-time instructor at The LeMoyne-Owen College for 10 years.  His dream has been dedicated to teaching at an HBCU.  Mr. Pate enjoys teaching Freshman Seminar because it is the starting point for students.  He believes that the freshman level is the most effective time to impact the students and the skills that they need for success. Mr. Pate encourages students to listen well and use campus resources to succeed in Freshman Seminar. 

Mr. Dariush Zarshenas- Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences- dariush_zarshenas@loc.edu

Mr. Zarshenas has taught at LeMoyne-Owen College for more than 15 years.  He was attracted to the family atmosphere at LOC.  Mr. Zarshenas looks forward to helping new freshman to learn about college life and do well in their classes.  Mr. Zarshenas encourages freshmen to “stay focused, do not miss classes, and work hard!”

Ms. Ruby Minter- Instructor of English
- ruby_minter@loc.edu

Ms. Minter has taught at LeMoyne-Owen College for 16 years.  After retiring from teaching music performance and English at the secondary level in the Memphis City School System, she desired to extend her passion for teaching at the college level.  She received an undergraduate degree at a HBCU. Thus, she wished to share her college experience and unique professional expertise with the students at The LeMoyne-Owen College.  Ms. Minter looks forward to teaching the Freshman Seminar course because she will have the opportunity to initiate educational creativity in students who are beginning their collegiate journey and help to mold them for a success. Ms. Minter's advice to incoming freshmen students: become inquisitive and ask questions.

Ms. Margrethe Frankle-Instructor of English
- margrethe_frankle@loc.edu

Ms. Frankle will be in her fifth year at LeMoyne-Owen College. Ms. Frankle was drawn to the pride, history and opportunity to work with a dynamic group of students.  She looks forward to introducing new students to college life and assisting them in their first step towards their transformation into leaders, scholars, and professionals.  Ms. Frankle advises all freshmen to make your education your priority. 

Mr. Michael Robinson- Assistant Professor of Social Work
- michael_robinson@loc.edu

Mr. Robinson has taught at LeMoyne-Owen College since 1996, initially as an adjunct until becoming full-time in 2001.  Mr. Robinson became interested in LOC due to the opportunity to empower young African American students to compete in today’s world.  Freshman Seminar is an educational component that establishes a solid foundation for our students, and he enjoys engaging and partnering with them to build a strong academic foundation.  His advice: “The quickest way from point A to B is a straight line. Be decisive about what you want to do because the sooner you make up your mind about a major the less money and time you waste; and the faster you can graduate. Furthermore, find your passion and allow that to motivate your choice in a major and not money.  If you love what you do the fulfillment and money will come."  

Mr. Gerald Joyner- Instructor of English
- gerald_joyner@loc.edu

Mr. Joyner has spent the last two years teaching at The LeMoyne-Owen College. He also taught at Shelby Training Center (Juvenile Detention Center) and Southwest Tennessee Community College. He has always wanted to attend an HBCU, and since he did not attend one, he believes that teaching in such an environment provides a sense of a vested interest in the community and it is the ideal situation to lend talents and expertise. Mr. Joyner looks forward to teaching Freshman Seminar because it will afford the opportunity to make the students’ matriculation into the college a smooth transition. It also offers mentoring to students who otherwise would not have a mentor that will aid and assist them in their collegiate experience. His advice to incoming freshman students:

“It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”-Anonymous

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”-Albert Einstein,

Dr. Imani Fryar- Instructor of Humanities and Interim Director of Du Bois Scholar's Program- imani_fryar@loc.edu

Dr. Fryar has been at LeMoyne-Owen College since 1998.  To Dr. Fryar, working at an HBCU is important because they frequently produces strong black leaders.  She believes Freshman Seminar can lay the foundation. Freshmen need to believe they can be students and scholars if they desire it. They can learn the process of how to learn, set a plan, and follow it. Dr. Fryar believes everyone has something important to offer.

Dr. Nabil Bayakly- Assistant Professor of Biology
- nabil_bayakly@loc.edu

Dr. Bayakly has been at LeMoyne-Owen College since 1996.  He enjoys the small class sizes and the warmth of faculty, staff and students.  Dr. Bayakly received critical advice from his advisor as a freshman in college that inspired him.  While remembering this advice, Mr.Bayakly understands that students need to be “advised “to be successful.  This is the most important time to shape students into leaders and be proactive about students’ success."  Mr. Bayakly compares this time in the students’ lives to that of a new born baby. "The freshman year is the most critical,"  Mr. Bayakly said, “It is good to be a great student; ‘Nerd’ is not a curse word. It’s okay to be smart."