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Academic Affairs


Dr. Barbara FrankleVice-President for Academic and Student Affairs
Alfred L. Hall, II, Ph.D.

Mailing Address
LeMoyne-Owen College
807 Walker Avenue
Memphis, TN 38126

Telephone/Email Contact
Office: (901) 435-1200
Fax: (901) 435-1223
Email: academic_affairs@loc.edu

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LeMoyne-Owen College
807 Walker Ave
Memphis TN 38126
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“I came to Memphis from New Orleans.  It was a traumatic time.  LeMoyne-Owen saved my life….I had been a student before, but at LeMoyne-Owen I became a scholar….they took the light that was within me, and helped me manifest it.” 

LeMoyne-Owen is like that, a special place that makes everyone’s light shine.  The College is all about transformation, for itself, its city and especially its students.  The current College Transformation Plan, “Delivering a New Brand of Urban Education for Leadership, Opportunity,  and Change” is a vital launch pad for developing the potential of all students to find success as professionals, civic movers and shakers, and fulfilled individuals.

As a small, historically Black liberal arts College, LeMoyne-Owen gives personal attention to every student, and offers a curriculum that recognizes and addresses their particular perspectives, interests, needs and concerns.  Set in the urban heart of one of the South’s great cities, LeMoyne-Owen is not just located in Memphis, but is a part of it.  Students and faculty are actively involved with their community, learning from it, about it, and with it.  Together, we are urban change agents.

LeMoyne-Owen College offers a new brand of urban education to prepare students for economic independence, professional advancement, solid contributions to their community and personal fulfillment.

The College provides a liberal arts core curriculum which develops in students
  • important skills in communication, quantification, critical thinking;
  • grounding in their own and culture and understanding of other regional, American and world cultures;
  • a knowledge base about the natural and physical world and technology they can apply to their own lives.

The urban-focused curriculum offers students special opportunities to develop their own capacities through individualized attention to the skill development of each student:

  • Wide ranging hands-on field placement in the community and in professional environments
  • Opportunities for each student to interact with community and professional leaders
  • Major programs which offer special attention to urban issues and perspectives and to fill t he professional needs of local, regional and global urban centers

College Competencies

LeMoyne-Owen graduates should be able to: 

  • think creatively, critically, logically, and analytically using both quantitative and qualitative methods for solving problems;
  • communicate effectively (listen, speak, read and write) on formal and informal levels;
  • distinguish, clarify and refine personal values for the attainment of richer self-perception and relate those values to the value systems of others;
  • appreciate, understand and know the foundations of the Afrocentric perspective;
  • appreciate, understand and know the foundations of diverse cultures in the context of a global community;
  • appreciate, understand, and know and pursue the principles, method and subject matter which underlie the major discipline;
  • accept social responsibility and provide service to humankind;
  • maintain literacy for the understanding of the impact of science and technology on individuals, society and the environment;
  • attain motivational, personal management and interpersonal skills, professional development and research experience, as well as resourcefulness that will form the basis for a career and/or further educational experiences;
  • attain critical skills, frame of reference and understanding to appreciate and discriminate artistic achievement.