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Program Goals:

  • To demonstrate significant improvement of the targeted student population in competencies in communication and critical thinking skills measured against performance standards to be determined during the first year by the Faculty Design Team in conjunction with the full faculty.
  • To expand and diversify field experience learning by 25% by the spring 2010.
  • To improve employer satisfaction with student skill levels by spring 2010 as revealed in employer surveys with specific percentage goals to be determined against a baseline survey in 2009.

Program Objectives:

    • Improve the skills and proficiencies of all students by 1) assessment of each individual’s attainment of desired competencies at benchmark periods, 2) prescriptive feedback to address needs revealed by evaluation, 3) an institutionalized, structured system of addressing identified needs.
    • Expand and diversify community-based educational opportunities for students, including interaction with community and professional leaders and field placements, ensuring that those placements are related to and reinforce the desired student competencies, and that they are part of the overall assessment of students.
    • Enhance student learning and motivation by 1) helping students track their improvements in key proficiencies, encouraging them and motivating for continued success, 2) increasing the intentionality of their college career by helping them see how classes and programs contribute to intellectual growth; and 3) individualizing their learning environment.
    • Create an institution wide support system for all students with a consistent and clear message to help promote the development of each individual.